Thursday, February 11, 2010

Episode 283

Episode 283 - Songs To Learn And Sing

Photo: A House's I Want Too Much from 1990.

Tonight's show features Small Talk and Manstrong, two tracks from this brilliant album. People always mention I Am The Greatest as the band's creative highpoint but for me it's got to be the band's previous record which they recorded at Doonmore Hotel on Inisboffin Island off the coast of Co. Galway. I have an ashtray from Doonmore Hotel - that's how much I love this album!

Photo: Perrey and Kingsley's electronic masterpiece on Vanguard Records from 1966

This episode also features Girl From Venus and Computer in Love, two tracks from Perrey and Kingsley's groundbreaking 1966 electronic album. The Beastie Boys would go on to appropriate both the title and cover artwork for their 1996 instrumental compilation album. 

Photo: Arch Garrison's King of the Down

Three tracks from Arch Garrison's gorgeous new album King of the Down are also featured on this episode. Arch Garrison features Craig and Sharon Fortnam from North Sea Radio Orchestra and if pastoral-folk, nylon-stringed guitars and beautiful harmonies are your thing, then check it out. It's all I've been listening to for two weeks now and it gets better with each play. 

Episode 283 - 10/02/2010
Alexander Tucker - Phantom Rings (Slight Return)
Arch Garrison - The Days Don't Feel the Same
Colourmusic - Yes
Bat For Lashes - Daniel
Alfie - A Word In Your Ear
Efterklang - The Soft Beating (playing Whelans, Apr 25)
The Durutti Column - English Landscape Tradition
Get Well Soon - Werner Herzog Gets Shot
Nedry - A42
A House - Manstrong
A House - Small Talk
Codeine - Washed Up
Le Mans - Un Rayo De Sol
Arch Garrison - Peek-a-boo
Beach House - Been Around Before (playing Whelans, Feb 13)
Neon Indian - Terminally Chill
Xiu Xiu - Falkland Rd. (playing Whelans, Feb 20)
Yeasayer - Madder Red
Oi Va Voi - Yesterday's Mstakes
Billy Mahonie - Less Flagiolettes
Perrey & Kingsley - Girl From Venus
Perrey & Kingsley - Computer in Love
Talk Talk - Such a Shame (live)
Apse - The Whip
Polar Bear - Sunshine
Matmos - Lipostudio... And So On
Adventures in Stereo - Airline
Arch Garrison - King of the Down

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