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Episode 286

Songs To Learn And Sing - Episode 286

Photo: Section 25's Looking From A  Hilltop (1984 Factory Records)

Larry Cassidy founding member, singer and bass player of Section 25 passed away on February 27. In tribute to the man we featured two Section 25 tracks on this episode. Girls Don't Count was the band's first single released in 1980. This was followed by Always Now, the band's debut album. Always Now was produced by Martin Hanett and is a fine album but the music contained within its grooves is unfortunatley overshadowed by the stories surrounding its beautiful Peter Saville designed artwork. If you're heard the stories behind the design of the Blue Monday 12'' or the sandpaper sleeve of The Return of The Durutti Column then you might be surprised to learn that Always Now with its 'marble' effect inner sleeve was the most expensive sleeve in Factory's history.  We also played the band's classic Looking From A Hilltop from 1984. Looking From A Hilltop was from the band's great third album From the Hip which was produced by the band and Bernard Sumner. Jenny Ross, Larry's wife was now in the band and provides vocals on this classic track. Jenny sadly passed away in 2004 after a long battle with cancer. The Blackpool band were often dismissed as mere Joy Division copyists but they were so much more. 

Photo: Shadowplayers - Factory Records and manchester Post-Punk 1978-1981 (LTM Recordings)

James Nice's feature length documentary Shadowplayers is a brilliant film which interviews all the main Factory players and features contributions from Larry and his brother Vin. Shadowplayers is a great companion piece to the films 24 Hour Party People, Control and Grant Gee's 2007 Joy Division documentary. If you've never heard Looking From A Hilltop check out the video below.

Photo: Rollerskate Skinny's Shoulder Voices (1993 Placebo Records)

This episode also featured two tracks from Shoulder Voices, Rollerskate Skinny's debut album. Whilst Horsedrawn Wishes is rightly regarded as being one of the greatest Irish records of all time, I think this leads people to forget how wonderful its predecessor actually is. Rollerskate Skinny were a shambolic live band at the time but once they kicked into Bow Hitch-Hiker they sounded bloody amazing. Shoulder Voices is essential listening. 

Episode 286 - 04/03/2010
John Cale - Verses
Prolapse - Doorstop Rhythmic Block
Field Music - In The Mirror
Field Music - The Wheels Are In Place
Adrian Crowley - The Beekeeper's Wife
Adrian Crowley - Girl From the Estuary
Adrian Crowley - Capricorn
Adrian Crowley - Long Distance Swimmer
Vowels - Two Wires
Allo Darlin' - Dreaming
Section 25 - Girls Don't Count (RIP Larry Cassidy)
Section 25 - Looking From a Hilltop (RIP Larry Cassidy)
On No Ono - Eleanor Speaks
Catriona Irving - Sitting On the Shelf Without Shelly
Sone Institute - The Wind Began to Switch
The Primitives- Really Stupid
The Runaways - Cherrybomb
Quincy Jones - In Cold Blood (Main Theme)
Mazarin - For Energy Infinite
Rollerskate Skinny - Bow Hitch-Hiker (from Shoulder Voices)
Rollerskate Skinny - Miss Leader (from Shoulder Voices)
Antoni Maiovvi - Nightmoves
Linsndstrom & Christabelle - Music in My Mind
Gavin Friday/Man Seezer - Rags to Riches
Flunk - Blue Monday
Dead Man's Bones - In the Room Where You Sleep
Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM

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