Friday, March 12, 2010

From the Archives - A Hawk and a Hacksaw Interview

Songs to Learn and Sing - A Hawk and a Hacksaw Interview

Photo: A Hawk and a Hacksaw (Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost)

From the Archives: A Hawk and a hacksaw have had some bad luck with gigs in Dublin. They were supposed to play their debut Dublin concert in October 2005 but the gig was cancelled. Jeremy and Heather were hanging around town so we went to Neary's pub and over a few scoops had a good chat about their travels in Eastern Europe and the album Darkness at Noon. The Dublin gig may have been pulled but both Jeremy and Heather still couldn't believe their luck, travelling around the world bringing their music to a new audience. "I sometimes feel like we’re the freaks who’ve been accepted," laughed Jeremy. We chatted about the beginnings of AHAAH, their home town of Albuquerque, Jeremy's old band Neutral Milk Hotel and European folk music. Jeremy and Heather were two really friendly people, they were disappointed with the news that their gig was cancelled and I think they'd have played anywhere if someone had offered them the opportunity.

Photo: AHAAH live (photo from Hi-Fi Popcorn

Dublin fans would have to wait until November 2008 to finally witness AHAAH live. They returned to the city on a bill with Beirut and Calexico for a gig in the Olympia. It was worth the wait. Live AHAAH are completely unique in terms of the sound Jeremy and Heather can create. Jeremy plays drums and accordian and Heather plays the violin. Jeremy also wears a hat with a drumstick taped to it so that he can crash a cymbal with his head. It may sound gimmicky but in full flight they sound amazing.


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