Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Episode 291

Songs To Learn And Sing - Episode 291

Photo: Patrick Kelleher - You Look Colder Remixes (2010 Osaka Records)

On this episode we were joined by Patrick Kelleher for a chat. Patrick picked some great tunes to play on the programme: The Durutti Column, Holgar Czukay, Harmonia and more. We also played a few tracks from Patricks 's remix album You Look Colder.  The album is out next week on Osaka Records and there's a launch gig Upstairs in Whelan's on April 16. The interview will be podcasted at a later date.

  Patrick Kelleher - Wonder (Jape remix)

Photo: Clancy - Road to the Heart (Catchy Go Go Records 2009)

This episode also featured three tracks from Road to the Heart the album recorded by Paul Clancy before his tragic death earlier this year. Paul was the drummer in National Prayer Breakfast (NPB), whose Sadder Day Blues has always been a firm favourite of mine. Road to the Heart sounds nothing like NPB, its a stripped down affair of absolutely beautiful ballads. The standout track for me is Sweet Sunshine - to paraphrase the press release "a simple, unpretenious ballad." His friends will launch the album on Saturday night, April 10 at Moxie Studios, Pembroke Row. Check out the video for Hope in Your Heart below.

Clancy - Hope in Your Heart

Episode 291 08/04/10

Part 1 - Patrick Kelleher Interview
Patrick Kelleher - I Am Eustace (Hulk remix)
Patrick Kelleher - Finds You (Thread Pulls remix)
Echo & the Bunnymen - Angels and Devils (Patrick's choice)
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Patrick's choice)
Harmonia - Arabesque (Patrick's choice)
Holger Czukay - The Photo Song (Patrick's choice)
Patrick Kelleher - Not Leaving Town (David Kitt remix)
The Durutti Column - Danny (Patrick's choice)
Patrick Kelleher - Boy Named Suzie Q (The Booklovers remix)

Part 2
Miracle Bell - Thank You Computer Man
Club 8 - The Boy Who Wouldn't Stop Dreaming
Wild Palms - Deep Dive
Royal Bangs - War Bells
On No Ono - Icicles
The Pains of being Pure At Heart - Higher Than The Stars (St Eteinne Remix)
Clancy - Hope In Your Heart (Launch gig/tribute night Moxie Studios, Pembroke Row Apr 10)
Clancy - Road To Your Heart
Clancy - Sweet Sunshine
Lone Wolf - Keep Your Eyes On The Road
Grovesnor - Taxi From the Airport
Sarah Blasko - Bird On A Wire
Christy & Emily - Little World
Vowels - Two Wires

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