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Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fly Pan Am and Sigur Rós - Dublin 2000

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fly Pan Am and Sigur Rós - Dublin 2000 

Another post with old flyer artwork. This time artwork from two Irish gigs played by Godspeed You! Black Emperor in 2000.

Flyer (front): GYBE's first Dublin show in April 2000

It's ten years since this gig, it was an amazing line up. The gig was originally scheduled to take place in HQ on Abbey Street (now The Academy) but for some reason was moved to Temple Bar Music Centre. Godspeed You! Black Emperor were fantastic but Sigur Rós left me speechless. When I reviewed the gig for Zeitgeist, I didn't even mention Godspeed:

"Sigur Rós are the Icelandic four-piece who up-staged Godspeed You! Black Emperor in the Temple Bar Music Centre. The band who formed in 1994, have released three albums in their native Iceland, the latest Agætis Byrjun spent eight weeks at the top of the domestic charts. Their records have yet to be released outside of Iceland but they have recently released a 12” single on Fat Cat in the UK.

Sigur Rós are one of the only support bands I have ever seen that completed astonished an audience. Their unique blend of orchestrated, atmospheric music was layered with the angelic voice of Jon Por Birgisson. The performance was completely hypnotic and the backdrop of three projector screens beaming out landscape images of Iceland only heightened the intensity of the experience. Birgisson’s vocal technique has in the past been compared to Liz Fraser and Björk. The likeness however is only in the way that Birgisson uses his own simulated language to convey emotions. Sigur Rós have claimed that they will “change music forever.” Watch out, the evidence of their debut Irish show suggests that their pretentious declaration could  actually be realised. Absolutely Stunning!"

 Flyer (back): GYBE's first Dublin show in April 2000

Flyer: GYBE's Cork show the night before the Dublin gig, Fly Pan Am were on the bill but Sigur Rós weren't. 

The Cork gig was in The Annex, which was a venue directly behind the stage of Sir Henry's. It had previously been called The Forum and was a horrible venue. It was an L-shaped room with a very deep stage and sound always seeped in from Henry's. The Godspeed gig was a late show and when the band came back on to do an encore the bouncers went mental and tried to stop the gig. Trouble ensued with the crowd sitting on the floor in protest.   

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