Friday, May 21, 2010

Episode 297

Songs To Learn And Sing - Episode 297

Boa Morte (Maurice Hallissey, Paul Ruxton, Bill Twomey and
Cormac Gahan)

This show featured a few tracks from Boa Morte's newly released second album, The Dial Waltz. It's been nearly eight years since the band's debut album, Soon It Will Come Time to Face the World Outside, but to be almost clichéd about it - it was worth the wait! The band have delivered another sparse, downbeat masterpiece. Another familiar with the first album will know exactly what to expect here - the template thankfully hasn't changed. Newcomers can expect delicate, slow songs, subtlely arranged and augmented by cello, violin, trumpet and trombone with Paul and Cormac sharing lead vocals and close harmonies. This album is not to be jumped in and out of  - it deserves to be played from start to finish and then unbeknownst to yourself you've just hit play again. The Dial Waltz is a great record.   

Boa Morte - The Dial Waltz (Kicking A Can Records 2010)

Boa Morte - Wooden Floor (taken from The Dial Waltz)

This episode also featured Sonnenrad by Michael Rother. The track is the opening song on Rother's second solo album, Sterntaler from 1978. It's a great record which often gets overlooked. I suppose if you'd been a member of Kraftwerk, a founding member of both Neu! and Harmonia it's is easy to see why some of your solo albums might be overlooked. Rother is joined by Jaki Leibezeit of Can on drums and the album was produced by Conny Plank (Kraftwerk, Cluster, Guru Guru, Ash Ra Tempel). Sterntaler is a classic.

Michael Rother - Sonnenrad

Episode 297 - 20/05/2010

Teenage Fanclub - Baby Lee (playling The Academy, May 30)
Field Music - Let's Write A Book
Midlake - Children of the Grounds (playing Harmonic with Grizzly Bear,
Camera Obscura and Villagers, June 25)
Extra Life - Black Hoodie
Quack Quack - Phonehenge
Dum Dum Girls - Pay For Me
Dum Dum Girls - Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout
Dum Dum Girls - Catholicked
Stereolab - French Disco
Comet Gain - I Close My Eyes To Think Of God
Boa Morte - Quarter to Ten (playing Bewley's Theatre, May 23)
Boa Morte - Rail Song
Boa Morte - Luminous Plackton
Ann Scott - All Eternity (playing Whelans, June 9)
Ann Scott - Love is in Him
The National - Lemonworld
Snowpony - 3 Can Keep a Secret
Herm - Rearrange (playing Whelans, May 22)
Herm - Heads
Shearwater - Rooks
The House of Love - Marble
Rachel's - The Last Night
Active Child - She Was a Vision
The Holy Roman Army - Elegy (playing with Herm, Whelans, May 22)
Miracle Bell - Fit For Love
Arc of Doves - Word of Mouth
Michael Rother - Sonnenrad
Adrian Crowley - The Beekeeper's Wife
Alexander Tucker - Phanton Rings (Slight Return)

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