Friday, February 18, 2011

Episode 336

Songs To Learn And Sing - Episode 336

Strands - Chow Bell EP (2011)

This episode featured the Vision Air remix of Chow Bell by Strands. The original version of Chow Bell can be found on the Strands self-titled debut album released in October last year. Strands is the solo project of producer and Halfset member Stephen Shannon and the Chow Bell EP features some great remixes of one of the standout tracks from his album. Rod Tyler's video for Chow Bell is pretty fantastic. 

This episode also featured two tracks from Richard Davies' 1997 album Telegraph. Davies was the creative force behind Australian band The Moles. Untune the Sky, their debut album from 1991 was reissued last year by Kill Shamem records and is a fantastic psychedelic pop/punk record. After The Moles disbanded Davies formed the short-lived Cardinal with Eric Matthews. We're often played tracks from their self-titled record on the show but for this episode we focus on Davies' solo masterpiece, 1997's Telegraph. This was one of the first albums I was given to review when I wrote for a magazine in Cork in the late 90s and it has remained a firm favourite of mine, I even used the opening bars of the album's first track, Cantina as an intro jingle for an Arts magazine show I presented on community radio in 1999. Cantina still sounds fantastic today. Richard Davies is now an Attorney-At-Law in Massachusetts.  

Codeine are another favourite of ours here at Songs to Learn and Sing. Back in 1994 a flatmate bought White Birch, the band's second album and ever before we had heard the terms slowcore, sadcore or post-rock we knew there was something startingly original about this record. It remains a bleak, melancholic masterpiece and is an essential listen, a landmark 90s album.   

Episode 336 - 17/02/2011


Josh T. Pearson - Woman, When I've Raised Hell
Lift to Experience - When We Shall Touch
Lift to Experience - Falling From Cloud 9
British Sea Power - Living is so Easy
Halves - Darling, You'll Meet Your Maker
The Black Heart Procession - Silence (Mr. Tube Remix)
Vessels - Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute (Rolo Tomassi Remix)
Codeine - Vacancy
John Stammers - Idle I'm
John Stammers - Hit You From Behind
The Godfathers - She Gives me Love
The Mountain Goats - Damn Those Vampires
Hotels - Lonely Islands
Seefeel - Rip-Run
Moon Wiring Club - The Victorian Butter Boat
Japan - Life Without Buildings
Colin Blunstone - Caroline Goodbye
Colin Blunstone - Say You Don't Mind
Richard Davies - Cantina
Richard Davies - Papillon
Richard Davies - Great Republic
Strands - Chow Bell (Vision Air Remix)
Dean & Britta - I'll Keep it With Mine (Scott hardkiss Remix)
Ladytron - Ghosts (Cassette Jam Remix)
Dum Dum Girls - Wrong Feels Right
Essie Jain - I'm Not Afraid of the Dark

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