Monday, February 28, 2011

Episode 337

Songs To Learn And Sing - Episode 337

This episode featured two tracks each from Connie Converse, The Memory Band and Rachel Grimes. We started the show with Rachel Grimes. The tracks are taken from her 2009 album Book of Leaves. This is Rachel's first solo album having previously played with  Louisville Kentucky's Rachel's. A sparce collection of solo piano songs mostly under three minutes, it's a beautiful album.

Rachel Grimes - Book of Leaves (For Solo Piano)
(2009, RuminanCe Records)

The two Connie Converse tracks are taken from the album How Sad, How Lonely. Connie was a singer songwriter active in New York in the 1950s but who disappeared in 1974. Her recordings, which were recorded in the late 50s and early 60s were released in 2009. Lau derette Recordings describe Connie as "the quintessential musical enigma – an artist before her time, forgotten, and disappeared without a trace over 35 years ago. If you stripped away the sharp literary mind, the precision of the songcraft, the bare honesty of her humble recordings, you would still be left with an unanswerable question: Where did she go? Why did she pack her belongings into a car, write goodbye letters to her friends and family, and vanish?" Her amazing story can be read here. If you like Talkin' Like You below, then the album is highly recommended. It's a beautiful package with extensive liner notes from Philip Converse (Connie's brother), Gene Deitch (who recorded Connie in the 50s) and Daniel Dzula (producer of the 2009 CD).

Connie Converse - How Sad, How Lonely

Finally this episode also featured two tracks from Oh My Days, the latest album from Stephen Cracknell's The Memory Band. The line-up is ever-fluid and this times includes rhythm from bassist Jon Thorne and drummer Tom Page and an all-new vocal frontline featuring Jess Roberts, Jenny mcCormick, Hannah Caughlin and Liam Bailey. Demon Days and Ghosts are two of the ten originals on the record that also includes covers of Sandy Denny's By the Time It gets Dark, Graham Bond's Love is the Law and Jeff Alexander's Come Wander With Me. It's a fantastic record which easily sits alongside their 2006 masterpiece Apron Strings.

The Memory Band - On My Days (2010, Hungry Hill)

Episode 337 - 24/02/2011


Rachel Grimes - Every Morning
Rachel Grimes - Mossgrove
Vessels - All Our Ends
Strands - Awake
Strands - Chow Bell
Thomas Truax - February What Ya Doin To Me
Josh T. Pearson - Sweetheart I Ain't Your Christ
John Stammers - Baby Dea
Darren hayman & the Secondary Modern - Winter Makes Me Want You More
Nickel Pressing - Beck is Back
The Fall - Cruiser'e Creek
The Fall - Couldn't Get Ahead
Best Coast - Crazy for You
Connie Converse - Johnny's Brother
Connie Converse - Man In the Sky
Metronomy - She Wants
Pete Yorn - Precious Stone
Dutch Uncles - Fragrant
The Memory Band - Demon Days
The Memory Band - Ghosts
The Go! Team - Buy Nothing Day
The Go! Team - Tornado
Tim Kasher - I'm Afraid I'm Gonna Die
Transept - Leopard Slug Love Song
The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo
Mt. Desolation - Departure
The Walkmen - Angela Surf City
The Duke & the King - No Easy Way Out
Johnny Flynn - The Water
This is the Kit - Sometimes the Sea
Grinderman - Palaces of Montezuma (Barry Adamson remix)

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