Friday, March 11, 2011

Episode 339

Songs To Learn And Sing - Episode 339

Various Artists - Before The Fall (2011, ACE Records)

Another week another Fall compilation! Not quite, this one is actually worth investigating. Before The Fall is a 24 track compilation of tracks that have been covered by The Fall since the mid-80s. I was first introduced to R Dean Taylor, The Saints and The Monks from cover versions that The Fall had recorded and this album gathers tracks by those artists along with some more obscure originals that have graced Fall albums and sessions over the years.

It's an incredibly diverse selection, in fact on their own they really don't belong together - where else would you find Sister Sledge alongside The Kinks or The Sonics. However this nugget is worth it for the really hard-to-find tracks that The Fall have covered: I'm Going To Spain by Steve Bent (as covered on 1993's The Infotainment Scan), Jungle Rock by Hank Mizell (as covered on 1997's Levitate), or the original of one of The Fall's most popular tracks, Mr Pharmacist by The Other Half (as covered on 1986's Bend Sinister). As always with ACE Records you get a fabulous booklet with well-researched liner notes and scanned ephemera. This is definately one compilation that fans of The Fall should consider getting. A 1977 Top of The Pops appearance by Brisbane's The Saints performing their hit This Perfect Day is below. The Fall covered the track on 1999's The Marshall Suite. We will be back to The Marshall Suite in April as it's finally being re-issued.    

Centro-matic/South San Gabriel - Eyas EP (2010)

"Hanging on the hinge of a syrupy and sweat-soaked summer, we are proud to announce the release of the important safety parachute to Dual Hawks' sprawling plume. "Eyas" is a seven song follow-up EP from those sessions, and includes offerings from both of our bands, Centro-matic and South San Gabriel. We were proud of these songs from the start. We wanted them to see the world." This is how Will Johnson, the Centro-Matic/South San Gabriel mainman describes last year's Eyas EP. It features four Centro-matic tracks and three South San Gabriel tracks including All Night Long, the Lionel Richie cover. I can't get enough of this version of All Night Long. 

All Night Long by South San Gabriel

The ever-prolific Johnson has also just released a new Centro-matic album, Candidate Waltz. Apart from playing in two bands, Johnson is also a huge baseball fan and has created a series of baseball-themed paintings to honour some legends of the game. His paintings can be viewed here.

Ernie Banks by Will Johnson

Episode 339 - 10/03/2011


Extra Life - Strong Brother, Weak Brother
Shugo Tokumara - Rum Hee
Vessels - The Trip
Eat Lights : Become Lights - Dark Matter
Crazy Horse - Gone Dead Train
Crazy Horse - Beggar's Day
The Memory Band - A New Skin
Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers
Lykke Li - Get Some (Beck Remix)
Errors - Bridge or Cloud? (The Field Remix)
Cut Copy - Take Me Over
Ladytron - Tomorrow
Halves - Growing & Glow
Dum Dum Girls - He Get Me High
Wye Oak - The Altar
South San Gabriel - All Night Long
Easterhouse - Whistling In the Dark
The Harvest Ministers - Cleaning Out the Store
Revelino - I Know What You Want
Grimes - Heartbeats
Steve Moore - Primitive Neutral Pathways
Hotels - Smith Lands On the Casino Planet
Essie Jain - Midnight Starship
Guy Chadwick - You Really Got A Hold On me
The House of Love - Crush Me
The Saints - This Perfect Day

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