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From the Archives - Trashcan Sinatras Interview

Songs To Learn And Sing - John Douglas of the Trashcan Sinatras Interview

Flyer: Trashcan Sinatras - Weightlifting (2004)

The Trashcan Sinatras played an instore gig in Tower Records, Dublin on June 2, 2005. I spoke to the band's guitarist John Douglas after the performance about their fourth album, Weightlifting and the long gap between its release and A Happy Pocket in 1996. "We were way off the radar," said John, "we didn’t really do anything for a good five or six years except sit at home and write and get back to a bit of normal life," The band had spent the previous ten years on the Go! Discs label touring and recording. In 1996 Polygram acquired a majority stake in the label, and the label folded not too long afterwards.

John explained what the band got up to in the intervening years: "About 1997-1998 when Go! Discs folded we found ourselves with a lot of time on our hands and not a lot of money so we just went back to normal life and struggled to pay the bills, made friends. We started going out into town and being local people rather then these guys who would show up every three months and disappear again. That was the nice aspect of it; we got really grounded in reality again and got back to being normal human beings." The interview can be heard below.

Setlist: Nancy Spains, Cork, November 1995
(A to Z Tour)

The above setlist is from a 1995 tour. It was dubbed the "A to Z Tour" and the Cork date was the third date of the tour. I can't remember what cities made up the other letters but I know I've a poster somewhere which I'll have to pull out. This marked the band's second gig in Cork, the previous summer they had played at the Féile Festival 1995.   
Photo: Promo shot of Trashcan Sinatras
(circa I've Seen Everything, 1995)

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