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Stereolab and Tortoise, Nancy Spains, Cork 1996

Stereolab and Tortoise, Nancy Spains, Cork 1996

Flyer: Stereolab, Nancy Spains, Cork 1996 

It's fifteen years since this gig. It really doesn't seem like that long ago. I worked for Frontline Promotions in Cork when we brought Stereolab and Tortoise to Nancy Spains in 1996. I remember the gig for loads of reasons not least because I had to pay Tortoise's John McEntire £50 for their perfomance, as support band they were simply getting a nominal fee for their gig. I then had the cheek to ask the great man for a t-shirt and in fairness to the guy, he gave me one. I remember being totally thrilled to walk around Cork with the logo from the Gamera 12'' on my t-shirt.

For a lot of people it was one of those gigs where the support band outshone the main act. Indeed within a few months Tortoise's Millions Now Living Will Never Die was gaining word-of-mouth plaudits and people who had been introduced to them in mid-1996 couldn't believe the band had played to a small but appreciative crowd on Barrack Street. When Stereolab were booked we didn't know who they were bringing as support, hence Tortoise weren't even mentioned on the gig flyer.  Nancy Spains had a small enough stage and I've never seen so much backline packed onstage. Headliners Stereolab were brilliant, at the top of their game, they totally grooved. The setlist below is from the night. The split tour 7'' was a pressing of 1,500 copies on blue vinyl and goes for stupid money these days. An unforgetable night.   

Postcard: Stereolab

Setlist - Stereolab, Nancy Spains, Cork 1996

Stereolab/Tortoise - Split 7'' (1996, Duophonic Records)


the underground of happiness said...

top class, thanks
unforgettable is right
and sweaty

dowtcha said...

dammit - the best gig i ever missed by a long shot

dowtcha said...

best gig i ever missed.