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Extraction! Comix Reportage

 Extraction! Comix Reportage

Extraction! Comix Reportage was published by Cumulus Press back in 2007 in a short print run of only 500 copies. The book features four stories about four different mines, which extract four different minerals, written by a number of journalists collaborating with artists to tell these remarkable stories.  The journalists were sent on assignment to investigate four mines owned by a Canadian company. Their reports were then translated into script form and illustrated by four award-winning comics artists. 

The four reports cover the oil sands of Alberta in Canada, a gold mine in Guatemala, bauxite mining in India and uranium exploration in Quebec. Frédéric Dubois explains the goal of these reports in the book's introduction: "Extraction! delves into the implications of Canadian mining practices. It considers the communities affected by them. It is certainly not anti-development, but it adopts a critical and journalistic view of all actors involved in some significant tragedies of our time."
 extract from Oil: From the Botton of the Pit 
(Reportage by Petr Cizek, Comix by Phil Angers)

Extraction is an extremely powerful piece of comics journalism, and follows a long line of reportage on mining produced in different media, from Orwell's 1937 Road to Wigan Pier to Barbara Kopple's 1976 Academy Award winning documentary Harlan County, USA. Extraction! Comix Reportage can be read below or downloaded from here

Harlan County, USA (1976, Barbara Kopple)

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