Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Fall - The Marshall Suite

 The Fall - The Marshall Suite

This weekend I shall mostly be listening to...

"They say what about the meek?
I say they’ve got a bloody cheek

Finally it arrived. The BBC Robert Elms session tracks didn't materialise, turned out the BBC couldn't locate the tapes, so the artwork had to be redone and hence the delay. It probably was remiss of Cherry Red to announce the tracklisting before they knew for sure if the BBC still had the tracks but nonetheless the reissue sounds great and is housed in a lovely multi-foldout digipak. The 12 page booklet has liner notes by Daryl Easlea in the style and format of the Sanctuary reissues.  

The Marshall Suite was the band's 21st album originally released back in 1999 on Artful records. Following the departure of a few band members (particularly Stave Hanley) the previous April after the New York scandal on the American tour, nobody thought Mark E. Smith could regroup and come back with such a fantastic album. But he did, The Marshall Suite is easily one the band's best albums and has been long out of print so this reissue comes highly anticipated.

The Marshall Suite also contained two classic Fall singles. Touch Sensitive, which bizarrely ended up soundtracking a Vauxhall Corsa advert, and F-'Oldin' Money, a cover of Tommy Blake's 1959 rockabilly track.

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