Monday, June 20, 2011

Thomas Truax's Monthly Journal

Thomas Truax's Monthly Journal

 Thomas Truax's Monthly Project #1 to #6 (2011, Psychoteddy/SL Records)

On last week's show we played the latest track from Thomas Truax's Monthly Journal. The Monthly Journal is Truax's attempt to record and release 12 tracks in 12 months, in January Thomas described the project as follows: "Unlike an album released when finished in the usual way, the Monthly Journal will be a living, mutating organism taking placew in twelve intervals over 2011. Tracks will be informed by any number of things: the vibe, feeling, texture, atmosphere of the changing seasons, the expanding and contracting lengths of days and nights, weather, news, dreams, personal or world events as they unfold. I'll respond to these with a piece that will be created, produced and released within the window of each month."

Six months in the quality has yet to dip. June's instalment is called Lost In The Month of June, and according to Thomas is, "a breakup song. I phoned it in from the moon. If you don't believe me, listen to the song. It was born from a naive melody on a lightweight Casio PT-20 with its built in rhythm and automated backing chords, I turned it into a big production with a multitude of things including timpani, strings and the Hornicator."

Lost On The Moon In June by Thomas Truax

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