Wednesday, July 13, 2011

North Sea Radio Orchestra - I a Moon

North Sea Radio Orchestra - I a Moon

North Sea Radio Orchestra - I a Moon (The Household Mark, 2011)

Following last year's wonderful Arch Garrison album Craig Fortnam returned to concentrate on recording NSRO's third album. I've played a few tracks from I a Moon over the last few weeks on the radio show and to put it simply - I'm hooked. It's a great record and more-or-less follows the template laid down on the band's previous two releases (orchestral chamber pop), but this time there's also a Krautrock influence. 

The band have explained a number of changes in their approach for this release, "firstly, that the album would have a darker, less pastoral sound with new influences including Krautrock and Deerhoof (and with more emphasis on synthesizer and percussion than previously). Secondly, that there would be a move away from setting poetry in favour of setting self-written lyrics." The results are fantastic.

Garry Mulholland sums the record up brilliantly: "the overall effect makes I a Moon feel like the world’s first baroque-Krautrock-folk-rock-Michael Nyman-madrigal-Kate Bush-electro-pop album. But more than all that, it is genuinely very beautiful.


The Underground of Happiness said...

cool boi
it's great stuff alright
the kate bush element must be real, even lor likes it!

Chris Broughton said...

I hadn't cottoned on to the Deerhoof influence, but two songs really might have been written by Kate Bush. 'The Earth Beneath Our Feet', in particular, reminds me of her - possibly because Sharron Fortnam uses a slightly lower register than usual, rather like latter-day Bush. Saw them perform most of the album live in Brighton on Sunday, and that song made me squirt hot tears. I missed the NSRO chorus the first time I heard the album (there aren't really any of the spine-tingling 'massed vocals' moments this time round) but the new songs - and instrumentals - are all glorious. Oh, and 'Berliner Luft' is a right stomper live!

Songs To Learn And Sing said...

was just listening to the album in the car driving around Dublin, stuck in traffic, overcast sky waiting to burst down. It was the perfect soundtrack. Would love to see the band live some time.

TarAntXon said...

Just had a pricelessly wondrous evening in the company of William D Drake and the NSRO @ St. Giles, sandwiching another sweet combo by the name of Firefly that you all might like too. All the latest albums are a must [just got WDD's Rising Of The Lights on vinyl] but do your best to experience live!

Chris Broughton said...

Can't see any Irish dates lined up, but it might be worth putting in a request... I put a reduced NSRO on myself at the weekend, in a church in Romney Marsh, Kent. Despite there being only seven of them, they produced a wonderful, full sound, and even brought their own fairy lights! A lovely bunch of people, too - happy to hang out in the pub afterwards and chat about the Cardiacs and The Lake of Puppies. I've posted a picture from the show on NSRO's Facebbok page, if anyone's interested.