Sunday, July 17, 2011

Son Lux - We Are Rising

Son Lux - We Are Rising

Son Lux - We Are Rising (Anticon, 2011)

My Son Lux coloured vinyl arrived and its beautiful! Son Lux (aka Ryan Lott) rose to NPR's All Songs Considered's challenge to write and record an entire album, from start to finish, in the month of February. Ryan explained how the challenge came about in an article for In Digest

"In 2006, a small New Hampshire-based publication called The Wire inaugurated the "RPM Challenge," an open charge to songwriters to make an album in the month of February... Toward the end of January this year, I got an email from Robin Hilton, producer of NPR’s All Songs Considered... The subject line read, “You busy?” The gist of his email was this: NPR wanted to cover the growing RPM Challenge phenomenon, but rather than just write about it, they thought it would be cool to follow along with an artist actually participating. So they hit me up to see if I would join in the fun. If so, they would follow along via the All Songs Considered blog and make a big fuss about it."

It's a great article in which Ryan muses upon the writing and recording process, self-imposed time-limitiations, improvisation and experimentation. After completing the album he asked The Made Shop design team to make the album's artwork. The guys from The Made Shop decided, in the spirit of the album's 28 day turnaround, to design the album, "from build-out to photoshoot to final design and layout - in only 28 hours." The video below documents the process. 

As I mentioned last month We Are Rising is the follow up to the great At War With Walls and Mazes from 2008. I picked up that album after Son Lux's show supporting Why? in Andrews Lane Theatre in Dublin in November of that year at a Foggy Notions promoted gig. At War With Walls and Mazes is one of my favourite records over the last few years and after a few listens to We Are Rising I think I can confidently predict that it's going to be on my albums of 2011 list. 


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