Friday, August 19, 2011

Episode 362

Songs To Learn And Sing - Episode 362

This episode featured The Dream Machine by Sukia a record I haven't played in years. The Dream Machine is taken from Sukia's one and only album, 1996's Contacto Especial con el Tercer Sexo. This was one of my favourite records of the 90s, it still sounds brilliant, completely fresh, and totally nuts. The record was produced by The Dust Brothers and the late Jerry Finn and released on The Dust Brothers' Nickel Bag label in the US and on Mo Wax Records in Europe. My vinyl copy of the album came with an extra 12'' of remixes of The Dream Machine. Sukia, who took their name from an Italian satanic vampire paranormal porno comic book, were from California and combined Moog-driven grooves, analogue synths, toy keyboards, found samples and space-age pop aesthetics to create a darkly humourous album that is definately a lost classic. 

Episode 362 – 18/08/2011


Dutch Uncles - The Ink
Mint Julep - Aviary
Bjork - Cosmology (Matthew Herbert Remix 1)
Bjork - Crystalline (Serban Ghenea Remix)
Bjork - Crystalline (Matthew Herbert Remix)
Black Sheep - Leila Khaled
Brian Donor - Get Off Your Pretty Face
Amon Duul II - What You Gonna Do
Vessels - Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute
65 Days of Static - Dance, Dance, Dance
Actress - Paint, Straw and Bubbles (Zomby Remix)
Fever Ray - Seven
Rachel Dadd - Balloon
Channel One - Soubresaut
Seefeel -Faults
Grinderman - Heathen Child (Weatherall Remix)
Konk - Baby Dee
Sukia - The Dream Machine
Link Wray - Jack The Ripper
Microdisney - Singer's Hampstead Home
Iggy Pop - Nightclubbing
That Petrol Emotion - Scum Surfin'
Erland & The Carnival - Map of an Englishman

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