Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sonic Youth & Nirvana - Sir Henrys 1991

 Sonic Youth & Nirvana - Sir Henrys 1991

It's been exactly 20 years! It's one of those gigs that has taken on mythical status. Truth be told not an awful lot of people were there for Nirvana's performance, but the place was stuffed by the time Sonic Youth took to the stage. I had bought my ticket earlier that summer and was really excited about Sonic Youth playing my home town. I had gotten into Sonic Youth around the release of Goo and had worked back through their back catalogue to Daydream Nation, Sister and Evol.  I didn't know who Nirvana were but I can clearly remember Krist Novoselic wearing a purple Dinosaur Jr t-shirt and thinking that was kind of cool. Sonic Youth were amazing. I brought along a disposable camera to the gig and took no photographs of Nirvana - that's how much I cared about them! Out of 24 snaps the above shot is the only remaining photo. 

The great thing for me about this photo though is that you can clearly make out Thurston's Brendan Behan t-shirt. A friend of mine had a stupid altercation with a bouncer and was thrown out of Henrys before Sonic Youth came on stage. He walked around to the front of the Grand Parade Hotel and met the band. He told them what had happened and they let him watch the gig from the side of the stage and afterwards Thurston gave him the Brendan Behan t-shirt. When we came down the stairs out of the venue there he was holding his treasured t-shirt. Footage from the Henrys gig can be seen on Dave Markey's 1991: The Year Punk Broke, his film chronicling the Sonic Youth tour. 

Kurt takes a nap during soundcheck, Sir Henrys, Cork

Postscript: My good buddy Jim Comic has just informed me:

I designed and printed the tickets. I'll always remember the promoter, Des Blair, bringing in a fax of the Nirvana logo (you can see the fax lines on it), as you'll recall faxes were pretty poor quality, plus the logo was tiny (no such thing as e-mailing high res eps or pdf logos back then). My first reaction was, "Who are they?" Then I said "this won't be great, you sure you want it on?" He said,  "I don't know but it's in the contract so I have to include it." So I photocopied it, we made a bromide of it and pasted it on to the design by hand with pritt stick and made the plates from a new bromide of the entire ticket.


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