Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who's That Man? - A Tribute To Conny Plank

The Conny Plank Boxset arrived. It's a beautiful package and €10 cheaper from Groenland then any other online shop. Worth every cent of its €30 price. CD1 and CD2 compile tracks produced by Plank during his career and includes music from: Eno/Moebius/Roedelius; NEU!; La Düsseldorf; Eurythmics; Michael Rother and D.A.F. CD3 contains remixes by amongst others; Walls; Eye; Fujiya & Miyagi and Automat. CD4 is a live gig recorded in Mexico in 1986 with Moebius and Arno Steffen. There are some big names missing, notably Guru Guru, Ash Ra Tempel, Harmonia and of course Kraftwerk. Presumably a lot of these are absent for licening reasons, but the Boxset is still an essential purchase for fans of the German producer.   

And as if we needed another reason to love the great man, here's a story from the wonderful Conny Plank site. "It is the mid-1980s and a British colleague introduces a German producer to a band from Dublin, Ireland. The Brit is convinced the German is the right man to produce the band’s next album. However, after a brief meeting with the band, the German comes to a completely different conclusion. “I cannot work with that singer,” he says, turning the job down. “That singer” was Bono Vox, the band U2, the album The Joshua Tree, the British producer Brian Eno and the German producer Conny Plank."

Any excuse to post a few Plank productions...

La Düsseldorf - Silver Cloud (Teldec Records, 1976) 
Silver Cloud was a single lifted from La Düsseldorf's first album.

D.A.F. - Alles ist Gut (Virgin Records, 1981)
The title track of the band's third album.

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