Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Record Shopping

I didn't spend too much money, but I came away with a great haul at the recent Record and CD Fair. I've been attending this fair for years and have never come away empty-handed. This time I purchased three LPs and a couple of 7"s. The Beatles bootleg is brand new and the others are all in very respectable condition. 

Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (Virgin Records, 1974)
Tangerine Dream - Gatefold
My first Tangerine Dream purchase. Phardra was the band's fifth album and their first for Virgin Records. It's also the first of their albums to feature their now classic sequencer-driven sound. This was a big seller in the UK in the mid 70s and remains one of the band's most widely known albums. A classic. The title track is below

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine (Japanese Bootleg)
A gorgeous unoffical 2012 mono pressing from Japan. The songs on Side A and George Martin's score on Side B. My 3-year-old pulled this out of my bag, shouting "Daddy is this record for me?". It is now.

The Beat - I Just Can't Stand It (Go Feet, 1980)
The Beat's debut album. I Just Can't Stand It, features a trio of brillant singles: Mirror in the Bathroom, Hand's Off... She's Mine and the Double A-Side Best Friend/Stand Down Margaret. The album also featured a great cover of the Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman hit first made famous by Andy Williams, Can't Get Used to Losing You. A remixed version of this track was released in 1983, reaching No. 3 in the UK charts. I Just Can't Stand It still sounds totally thrilling.

I also picked up 5 7"s for €10. All in great condition.

The Vapers - Turning Japanese (UA, 1980)
New Order - Temptation (Factory, 1982)

The Pogues - Poguetry in Motion EP (Stiff, 1986)

The Stranglers - No More Heroes (UA, 1977)

Dexys Midnight Runners - Geno (Late Night Feelings/EMI, 1980)
I was particularly pleased with finally getting my hands on a decent copy of Geno, one of my all time favourite songs.

"Academic inspiration, you gave me none,
But you were Michael the lover,
The fighter that won,
But now just look at me,
I'm looking down at you,
No, I'm not being flash
It's what I'm built to do."