Monday, July 14, 2014

The Fatima Mansions - Ticket Stubs and Setlist

I recently scanned some old flyers and ticket stubs for the Sir Henry's Exhibition that is currently taking place in UCC's Boole Libary in Cork. The Henry's related stuff was passed onto the Exhibition but I'll post some of the other old stuff here on the blog. First up its a few ticket stubs from the early 90s from The Fatima Mansions. They were an amazing live band.

The Fatima Mansions - DeLacy House, 31 May 1991

This was the first time that I saw the band live, I can clearly remember Cathal Couglan wearing a Ministry t-shirt on stage and the band also played an amazing version of Stigmata, which appeared on the Hive EP.

Cathal Coughlan and Andrias O'Gruama of The Fatima Mansions - Photo by Piers Allardyce, from a Melody Maker review of a 04 June 1991 gig at the Limelight in Belfast, a few days after the DeLacy House gig. It's a brilliant photo - Keep Music Evil indeed!

The Fatima Mansions - Sir Henry's, 19 March 1993

This was on the Valhalla Avenue tour, support on the night was the brilliant Nine Wassies From Bainne.

Setlist from Sir Henry's gig in 1993

The Fatima Mansions  - Tivoli, 23 September 1994

The Tivoli gig was part of the band's tour in support of Lost in the Former West, support on the night was once more the Nine Wassies From Bainne.


The Underground of Happiness said...

great to see these - I was at both of those gigs too, de lacey's and henry's.

I can remember cathal introducing one song at the henry's gig by referring to seeing someone hitchhiking while they were on tour in the us holding a sign saying "will work for food". cathal compared it to some destitute types you might find around was a pretty powerful comparison for a young, impressionable mind...

Damian Morrissey said...

I was both these gigs two. Cathal described the De Lacey House gig as 'basically a riot'. Which it was. Thankfully I was right up the front. One memory is a very drunk Brendan O'Connor (Sindo & RTE) attempting to rugby tackle Cathal and then roundly abusing him as Cathal left the stage. Amazing songs and performance.

learnandsing said...

The DeLacey house gig is without doubt one of the best gigs I've ever seen. Amazing atmosphere. I can remember buying a long-sleeved t-shirt which ripped off Fila's logo. Now there's another post in the making - Fatima Mansions' t-shirts: Raggle Taggle Nein Danke; Keep Music Evil; Resevoir Dogs etc.

Damian Morrissey said...

Bugs Fucking Bunny