Sunday, August 24, 2014

American Spring - American Spring (1972)

Episode 519 of the radio show featured three tracks from American Spring's 1972 self-titled album.

 American Spring - American Spring (United Artists, 1972, UK)

The band were known as Spring in the US but were American Spring in Europe (presumably due to the existence of English prog rock band Spring). American Spring were sisters Diane Rovell and Marilyn Wilson. Both women had earlier been members of girl group The Honeys along with their cousin Ginger Blake. Brian Wilson (Marilyn's then-husband) produced most of the band's songs as indeed he had with The Honeys.

American Spring is a must have for anyone with even a passing interest in The Beach Boys or Brian Wilson. The album features a number of Brian compositions and a fantastic version of Dennis Wilson's Forever.

My own copy of American Spring is the 1972 UK United Artists textured sleeve LP, but the album had different cover art in Germany and The Netherlands. The US release of the Sping album used gothic toned plaster casts of Diane and Marilyn's heads. All versions of this album command stupid money on the second hand market these days. See For Miles Records did release a compilation of Spring recordings in 1989 entitled Spring...Plus and a few tracks also appeared on Ace Records 2003 compilation Pet Projects - The Brian Wilson Productions.

 American Spring - American Spring (United Artists, 1972, Germany)

 American Spring - American Spring (United Artists, 1972, Netherlands)

Spring - Spring (United Artists, 1972, US) - Front Cover

Spring - Spring (United Artists, 1972, US) - Back Cover

 American Spring - Sping...Plus (See For Miles, 1989)

Pet Projects (Ace Records, 2003)