Friday, August 08, 2014

Songs to Learn and Sing - Episode 517

Songs To Learn And Sing
103.2 Dublin City FM
Thursdays @ Midnight

Last night's show featured new or recent music from Inventions, Labyrinth Ear, Jenny Lewis, Greg Haines, Luke Haines and Wildbirds & Peacedrums. Old music from Luna, No Means No, Electronic, Blur and The High Llamas. The show also featured three tracks from 1969's Turtle Soup, the fifth and final album from The Turtles (as featured on this recent post) and three tracks from Snooze.

 Snooze - The Man in the Shadow (SSR Records, 1997)

The Snooze tracks are all taken from 1997's The Man in the Shadow. Snooze was a name used by French producer Dominique Dalcan and he released three albums under the moniker. The Man in the Shadow is the first of the trio and is a lost downbeat classic that deserves to be heard by one and all. I bought it on double vinyl on a recommendation from Comet Records in Cork in 1997 - I wasn't disappointed. Man in the Shadow became an instant classic and set the standard for cinematic downtempo electronic music. The LP features slow and fast breakbeats, majestic strings, touches of film noir jazz, and a couple of instant classic songs, respectively featuring crystalline vocals by Nancy Danino (Down For Mine and Bip), and vibrant wails by Horace Andy (Tribute to Horace).

Fans of Bonobo, The Cinematic Orchestra and Massive Attack will adore The Man in the Shadow. Dominique Dalcan now spends his time composing soundtracks and indeed back in 1997, the same year that Snooze's The Man in the Shadow was released he composed the original soundtrack to Alain Berliner's Grammy winning movie, Ma Vie En Rose.  

Snooze - The Man in the Shadow (Medicine Label Records, 1998) Alternative US Album Art 

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