Friday, August 22, 2014

Songs to Learn and Sing - Episode 519

Songs To Learn And Sing
103.2 Dublin City FM
Thursdays @ Midnight

Last night's show features a few new tracks: music from Caribou, Actress and Goat as well the usual retrospectives on some older albums.  I also managed to get in the full 20 minute plus version of Tortoise's DJed and a couple of tracks from Martin Stephenson.

This episode features a couple of tracks from ABBC's 2001 album Tête À Tête. ABBC was a one-off collaboration between Calexico and the Amor Belhom Duo. The band's name is taken from the first letters of the four members' surnames: Amor, Belhom, Burns and Convertino. The French duo's Gallic flavour works brilliantly with the Calexico's Tuscon sound.

The show also features three tracks from American Spring's 1972 self-titled debut, but more on that great record can be read here.

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